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Fast Networks

- low pings and fast servers. world wide datacenters equipped with atleast dual quadcore machines to serve you with the speed and reliability you need

24/7 Support

- contact our staff anytime of day. talk live over MSN, AIM, ICQ or Yahoo messengers. write support tickets inside ClientArea.
Email us at

Instant Setup

- automatic installation. instantly receive your server online. our system does everything automatically once order is placed. no waits.

Mobile Support

- we supply you with the tools needed to run your service from mobile phones

Trusted Payments

- you can trust your payments through our secured PayPal or CreditCard gateways, where the customer is always protected first

Data Centers

- choose from a variety of world wide locations, such as USA, Canada, Germany, UK, NL

Service Partners

AOL Shoutcast Xiph Icecast Teamspeak Systems WHM CPanel Webhosting
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