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MakeAVoice Radio : Shoutcast Server
 Welcome to MakeAVoice Radio!
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About Us
MakeAVoice provides internet radio stations and voice servers in many areas of the world. Be sure to tryout both Shoutcast's Radiostations and Teamspeak's Voice servers which are free to download and use. We have many test servers available.

MakeAVoice has been in business since 1995 as a leading voice server provider. We currently service 1000s of customers. Our locations are across United States, England, Germany and Netherlands.

Internet radio stations (shoutcast servers) are available in all datacenter locations. They may be rented on a per month basis at any listed location. Prices range from $2.95 starter package to over $100 per month.
Voice servers (teamspeak servers) are also available in every location. Prices start at $1.95 per month. Visit to view these services.

  • Ability to start an internet radio station with ease.
  • Ten datacenter locations to choose from.
  • Add relay servers to existing accounts.
  • Feature rich control panel.
  • Lowest prices making it all affordable.
  • Live contacts for customer support.
  • Free AutoDJ built in.
  • Free Setup and Instant Quick Order system.

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