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MakeAVoice Radio : Shoutcast Server
 Programs To Use With SHOUTcast
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SHOUTCast TV Tools
NSVTools Download : Nullsoft NSV is a variety of tools for Shoutcast TV. The main applications being NSV Batch Encoder for creating .nsv video files for uploading to AutoTV Player. And the other being NSVCap which is used for Live Shoutcast TV streaming from your computer.
NSVCap Creator : : Winamp is a media player by Nullsoft and is both freeware/shareware. Winamp also has a SHOUTcast Radio DSP Plugin which allows using Winamp to act as the DJ for your SHOUTcast server station.
DJ Tool for Winamp : : Audacity is a free to use digital audio editor application. Using Lame as an addon allows exporting MP3 files in the desired bitrate.
Lame MP3 Plugin : : Real Player is a cross-platform media player by RealNetworks. It is a popular streaming media application and an alternative to winamp, itunes or windows media player.
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