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Locations And Datacenter Information

:: Chicago, Illinois, United States
- additional network equipment includes an InterNAP FCP to optimize overall network routing and performance. In addition, 10 Gigabit Ethernet is used at the core of the network ...
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:: Dallas, Texas, United States
- one of the industry's fastest, most robust networks: 130+ gigabits/sec of transit network capacity to 7 Tier 1 backbone networks ...
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:: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
- network features four gigabit connections, one to Telia, PCCWBTN, Global Crossing, and Savvis. It is optimized using the Avaya route optimizer ...
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:: New York, New York, United States
- Owning our own datacenter allows us to provide you with unmatched reliability and uptime. Not being dependant on other companies to provide us with access to the servers, reboot servers, make hardware upgrades on the fly, and fix problems before they become problems for your cust- omers allows us to keep your sites available faster and more reliably than our co-located competitors ...
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:: Seattle, Washington, United States
- Our facilities are directly connected to four major Internet backbones--MCI, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, and Global Crossing. The network is designed in such a way that if one link goes down, traffic is automatically routed on an alternate link. The network is 100% Cisco powered with BGP4 ...
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:: Los Angeles, California, United States
- fastest-growing data center colocation company in Southern California is a Tier 4, Certified data center and provides Lunarpages with ...
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:: Herndon, Virginia, United States
- Our Virginia data center, located in northern Virginia, houses over 4,500 ServerBeach self managed dedicated servers. This datacenter is designed to meet the needs of ServerBeach's East Coast US and European customers ...
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:: Frankfurt, Germany
- connection to AMS-IX in Amsterdam upgraded to 10 GBit, Latest network expansion: 20 GBit DE-CIX, 20 GBit Global Crossing, 10 GBit AMS-IX, Exchange point Amsterdam, 10 GBit DTAG, Deutsche Telekom, 10 GBit Tiscali, 1 GBit LINX ...
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:: London, England
- A2B2 and is owned and run by VAServe Ltd. VAServe is a UK based company that specialises in internet hosting services and run by individuals with nearly a decade of experience with virtual servers ...
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:: Amsterdam, Netherlands
- LeaseWeb (part of the Ocom Group) is one of the largest hosting providers in the Netherlands. The fact that we continue to grow so rapidly is mainly due to our customers, who have been growing with us since 1997 ...
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