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Welcome to MakeAVoice Radio SHOUTCast Server Hosting Company

Corporation. MakeAVoice is a division of Automated Software Inc. The company is fully licensed and incorporated under the laws of Ontario, Canada.
CreditCard and/or PayPal payments will appear under the name "AUTOMATEDSOFT" or "Automated Software Inc" or "MakeAVoice" or any variation of.

The People Behind MakeAVoice. MakeAVoice is owned, and operated, by a specialized team of Computer Scientists. MakeAVoice's founders are that of university graduates in the field of Software & Computing, bachelors in Computer Science.

What We Do. MakeAVoice develops its own inhouse control panels, website layouts, and more. We believe by developing our own controls we can keep costs down for our customers and expand to the needs of each user more robustly.
Aside from coding, all our staff are available for assistance with any service you need, as well as pre-sales questions. Our staff do a bit of everything, which keeps us in the best understanding of how to operate this business and improve it for the future.
Things can always be easier and/or faster; we will always be releasing new updates, and expanding the website.

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