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Welcome to MakeAVoice Radio SHOUTCast Server Hosting Company

Shoutcast Customer Feedback Shoutcast News, Releases & Updates

"I wanted to take the opportunity to say a BIG thank you to peter. He has been a huge help in assisting me with purchasing my package here and then following with assistance with difficulties I have had with my settings. Thank you very much buddy your help is greatly appreciated! housemasters-radio "

"Thank you for all your help........
This was very eazy for us to switch over....
I am happy with your service and so are my DJs
Thanks for your time.
Radio Amplifire"

""I do like the option of having the MetaData from MP3s sent out on the audio stream.
I used to spend ages tweaking filenames and even then seeing curious results 'on-air'. With the MetaData option enabled, I have much better and precise output. Another excellent by-product is that it's so much easlier to pick up appropriate artwork to sync with my output.
Internet libraries such as Amazon prefer the meta data stuff (so it seems). Also, phone Apps such as "Tune-In" give my station a very professional appearance. I'm grateful!
Nice One on your part - Well done!""

"Thank you again for your fantastic service. I am being very honest when I say your server provision is the best service I have experienced in a few years of broadcasting.
Your site almost has a comical or fun appearance but it is very serious the level of professionalism that I have experienced in the products and services you are providing.
DJ Gus - B2BRadio"

"Not only is your service superb, so is your customer care.
You are quick to respond, accurate in what you tell me and make me feel you are genuinely interested in my problems, but most of all, on resolving them.
You must be one of the least costly providers on the Web, however I've found you to be the best (if not the very best).
I look forward to working with you far into the future"

"thank you very much for your fast reply.
i am surprised with how fast your customer service has responded :).
I want to say how happy i am with your wonderful service.
thank you :)"

"I really cant express enough how happy I have been and am with you guys and your service. You kept on my station untill I could get things worked out with my bank accts etc.. and knowbody does that kind of stuff anymore!
I cant explain how thankfull I am and appreciative I am for that.
Thank you very much for the great service as always and going above and beyond to do what many other companies would'nt think to do or help with!
A very heartfelt happy holidays to the entire crew at Make A Voice.
Tad Z
Waxtrax Radio
Monsoon Radio "


"Thank you so much. Today we complete 2 years of using MakeAVoice for our radio and I am very happy with the service and support."

"I want to thank you for being so helpful, courteous and prompt and also for being so talented! I love the set-up and really enjoy working with it. Take care and best of luck!"

""just this week we've deployed the JWPlayer from MAV.
Thank you, as always for all your outstanding technical support & immediate responses. The MAV teams are absolutely awesome, and we appreciate the continued evolution in technology that MAV explores to enhance our service"
ESpiritE - Radio7"

"1st off let me say you guys are awesome! I have no comlaints whatsover. I have used winamp etc.. to broadcast thru with very unsteady unuser friendly software, yet you guys are a steady connect always and your system works great! Has off Great work great stuff my friends!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for the support and I really am totally into what you guys are doing and have done.
Obviously you cats know alot about what your doing and hats off to a GREAT system!
Hats off and PeAcE!
To a great year of Success!
Monsoon Radio"

"Hi, first may I say you run a brilliant service, at great value, well done!"

"I'd like to thank you and your team for a unbeatable package that i have had from you over the past year. I can safely say ive had no issues at all. Thanks and happy new year"

"I know I have had many questions for you guys over the months since I started broadcasting with you guys but I just want to say THANK YOU! You guys have always taken care of everything I have ever asked in a very quick fashion."

"I just wanted to thank all your team, for giving a great service. We are very happy to be your clients and would like to continue using your service. Wish you all a Merry Christmas, the best for the next year, and bless all. Thanks "

"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the new method for creating / editing playlists. This solves all my problems! THANK YOU. You guys are the best."

"Thanks, by the way love the server! we had 2 years of buffering and drop outs with our old server, glad we come over to you, its nice and solid."

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
I tried three different shoutcast server providers (you were the 3rd), gosh the first two were bad!
Your interface is much easier to work with, and I'll continue recommending you to other educators keen to start their own school radio station.
Steve Collis"

""YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I cant believe you were here to help me at 10pm at night and so quick. Thanks" "

"I've been an ongoing customer of your service and I have become very pleased with the service and its quality."

"Like The Site As It's Easy To Navigate."

"Once again thanks to Chris for helping me thru the adjustments and the rest at Make A Voice! Great work and great support!"

""Your help was invaluable. You must be psychic, you answered my next question. Thanks so much for the great support. ""

""I love your server so far very reliable and affordable.""

""Thanks! Love the stuff im working with thru you guys.
Thanks for helping me get it set up. Tad from Monsoon Radio""

""Thanks. Your service has been very much reliable since I started with you guys.""

""Just want to say thanks for your help. I did order both the auto dj package and the transcoder and it worked out lovely. I have been doing that radio thing for 10 years."
DJ Yammy"

""been with u for quite a while now m8 just wanna comment on how good the service is m8 keep it up :)
uptime is great ty :)"

""hello, i just wanted to say thank you for the server i purchased from you, i havent had any problems with it yet and i think its been around 6 months, keep up the great work.
Thank you, i am glad i found someone where i dont have to worrie about my stream anymore :)"

""Hello We All At StaticAirWays Want To Say A BIG Thanks To MakeAVoice.Com And Its Team Gr8 Stream at Very Good Prices Have Used Other Hosts and Not One Was Like This Many Thanks Keep It Up :)"

""you were very helpful and i would like to say your service is much better than the last server service we had"

I am using your streaming service and I am very happy with both quality/reliability and support"

"Your service just works with no grief at all. You should TM that - "Shoutcast that just works as it should" ;)

I just want to let you know that I am satisfied with your shoutcast radio hosting. I had in the past working with other providers, but not that easy as yours. Hope you can keep up the level of services like this, or even better toward of your more success down the road. Again, thanks much!


""That's cool. Thank you so much for the wonderful feature. Hats off to Makeavoice team!!"

""hello :)"
"I'm a new client and I want to give U props for your good job and... pricing policy ;)"
as i said, i'm a new client, i try to setup the servers, everything is going smooth"

""Thanks! Very pleased with your services. Keep up the good work"

""I have had nothing but compliments on the quality of the sound and the streaming capabilities !!
Thank you for giving broadcasters a fair and reasonable price for quality audio streaming !"

""Thank you very much. Also for the desktop connector! It works like a charm and is very handy"

""U guys by far have the best prices n service"
"thanks 4 all the help"

""thank you for ur help"
"great service so far plan to keep doing future business"
"thank you very much sir and il look into the auto dj"

""keep up the great work...thx again master stream guy."
"i like your prices ...very reasonable"
"theres a few people around here are interested in your services i gave them you address"
"thx again for your time ...i ll spread the word ok"


""you're site is very easy to get things set up....i really liked that and i am very impressed with your quick responses!"
"Thank you very much!!! Its working great!"

""Hey listen great work with the shoutcast hosting"
"I will be getting my webhosting n additional shoutcast server tomorrow just because u guys r great n service is excellent!""

"i really appreciate the quick help and support. it was quite easy to get this project up and running.
big ups to your organization.""

"I actually only recently paid for a shoutcast server , but your pricing is the same for 50 as it was for 15 with [othercompanyhere].com. They also wanted me to pay more for the autodj app. Glad i found you guys! ""

""the other server i had the guy didn't believe bout this deal i have with you
50 for 995"
"nice deal"
"you the man"

""I'm very happy with your servers and by the way, thanks for your coments on our chat tool today."
"Thanks! This is an awesome service!
I wished i had found it a few months ago!""

""Wow! Thanks, that is great service! I am getting it figured out.. I should be a regular pro in a couple of days.. lol."
"This is streaming great into Second Life now.. I'm happy."
"Thanks again for the great service and welcome note!""

""hello, i just wanted to say thank you for the server i purchased from you, i havent had any problems with it yet and i think its been around 6 months, keep up the great work.
Thank you, i am glad i found someone where i dont have to worrie about my stream anymore :)"

"Chicago, Dallas, L.A
Germany, UK, Montreal!
Quick Orders Specials!

PLUS, Save 1 Month Free with every 5 month purchase!
Save 2 Months Free with every 10 month purchase!
All machines are dual quadcores, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited space, includes AutoDJ and AutoTV Servers Free with every purchase.
View Here "Quick Orders" Specials!"

"New 500 Listener Special!
Use Any bitrate up to 128 and have 500 Listeners.
Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited storage.
All accounts come with AutoDJ MP3, AutoDJ2 AAC.
View Other Specials Here >> "Quick Orders"!"

"Chicago, Dallas, L.A, Germany, UK or Montreal: Quick Orders Specials!
All accounts come with AutoDJ MP3, and AutoDJ 2 AAC, and AutoTV servers.
All Live DJing is available such as SAM Broadcaster, Simplecast, and more.
Great SPECIALS starting as low as $2.95 per month, start your radio station today!"

"Chicago, USA or London, UK! Starting $2.95 per month
PLUS, Save 1 Month Free with every 5 month purchase!
Save 2 Months Free with every 10 month purchase!
All machines are quadcores, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited space, includes AutoDJ and AutoTV Servers.
View Here "Quick Orders" Specials!"

"July New Specials and London, UK! Starting $2.95 /m
PLUS, Save 1 Month Free with every 5 month purchase!
Save 2 Months Free with every 10 month purchase!
New London, UK dual-quadcore machines, unlimited bandwidth and space, includes AutoDJ and AutoTV.
View Here "Quick Orders" Specials!"

"Try before you buy!
Shoutcast Server Specials for $7.95, $8.95 and $9.95 per month, no tax, no extra fees.
AutoDJ running and handed over to you instantly. No waits.
Includes unlimited bandwidth usage, unlimited storage space, ftp account, flash web player, instant setup, shoutcast cpanel and 24/7 autodj.
Priced are USD locked in, same next month, no overages!"

"Need a Website for your radio station?
Webhosting for as low as $4.95 per month.
Makeavoice WebhostingGet your site up instantly.
Free subdomain included."

"June New Specials and Discounts! Starting $2.95 /m
PLUS, Save 1 Month Free with every 5 month purchase!
Save 2 Months Free with every 10 month purchase!
New Chicago quadcore machines, unlimited bandwidth and space, includes AutoDJ and AutoTV.
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"May New Specials! Starting $5.95 /m
New Chicago quadcore machines, unlimited bandwidth and space, includes AutoDJ and AutoTV.
View Here "Quick Orders" Specials!"

"100 Listener Special! Starting at $15.95
View Here

* free cPanel WebHosting with FLASH WEB PLAYER installed for your shoutcast station, and tune-in links"

"Added more Specials!
30 listeners unlimited 64 Bitrate $5.95
30 listeners unlimited 96 Bitrate $6.95
30 listeners unlimited 128 Bitrate $7.95
View the SHOUTCAST list for availability"

"New machines arriving March 18, QuadCore processors with 8 GB memory. Coming VERY soon.
More specials will be added to the list ASAP"

"Quick Order Servers Over 60% Off.
Locked In Pricing. Limited Offer.
Start with 50 Listeners from $7.95m
Gauranteed same price next month."

"It only takes a few seconds to order a Shoutcast Quick Server to the time you are logged into the control panel. Automatic installs for both PayPal and Creditcards."

"All locations have servers setup and running. They are all on sale. You can start your shoutcast radio station for as little as $2.95 per month. Registration is Free."

Shoutcast Server Update: "added ability for AutoDJ to not send song title updates"

Shoutcast Server Update: "schedule DJ Accounts to work during certain hours, or certain days of the week. Start Time, Duration and Week Days added for each DJ Account created."

Shoutcast Server Update: "added Interrupt option to AutoDJ Scheduling, used to play a song or playlist at a specific time"

Shoutcast Server Update: "updated MP3 scanners"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new Jingles Rotation for AutoDJ, play # of tracks from playlist, repeat intervals, weights/priorities and interrupt options"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new JQuery Status Snippet, 17 customizable variables from Current Song Playing to Song History"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new jPlayer Snippet, works on all phones, all browsers"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added Mobile Web Player to Snippets area, supports Blackberry, Androids, IPhones and Google Chrome"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added login Change Password under Menu > Preferences"

Shoutcast Server Update: "fixed Playlist Editor Shuffle button to save to the machine each shuffling"

Shoutcast Server Update: "improved upload scanning for File Manager area"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added AutoDJ Request Language Spanish"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added AutoDJ Request Duplicates On/Off"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added AutoDJ Request Limit Per User"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added AutoDJ Request Limit Total"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new DJ Status Snippet customizable display and links"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new Song History Snippet customizable table"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new Now Playing Snippet customizable display"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new JWPlayer Snippet customizable with 45 skins"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added a link option to the DJ Online Status script, under Shoutcast > Website Codes"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new Dark Theme for SCPanel, added under MENU > Preferences"

Shoutcast Server Update: "New DJ Status script under Shoutcast Website Codes"

Shoutcast Server Update: "New DJ Login area for AutoDJ > DJ Accounts"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added LIVE google map and table data for Statistics > Listeners > Maps"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added Text Edit Playlist option to AutoDJ Playlist Editor"

Shoutcast Server Update: "fixed an issue with AutoDJ Request Player for long directory listings"

Shoutcast Server Update: "new server orders can be placed directly from SCPanel"

Shoutcast Server Update: "abiliity to now link up existing accounts"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added Streams page"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added Accounts page"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added search option to AutoDJ Request Player"

Shoutcast Server Update: "added Preferences > Control Panel switching from SCPanel to Old Panel"

Shoutcast Server Update: "fixed an AutoDJ > Scheduler ADD issue"

Shoutcast Server Update: "fixed a timezone issue for the Calendar viewing of AutoDJ > Scheduler"

Shoutcast Server Update: "fixed Relay Server issue with Shoutcast > Configuration"

Shoutcast Server Update: "play Every X Tracks for AutoDJ > Scheduler"

Shoutcast Server Update: "Added local time clock for user\'s timezone"

Shoutcast Server Update: "fixed timezone entry display for AutoDJ > Scheduler (Calendar View)"

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