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10 slots -> $1.62/m
15 slots -> $2.45/m
20 slots -> $3.27/m
25 slots -> $4.10/m
30 slots -> $4.92/m
35 slots -> $5.75/m
40 slots -> $6.57/m
45 slots -> $7.40/m
50 slots -> $8.22/m
75 slots -> $12.35/m
100 slots -> $16.47/m
150 slots -> $24.72/m
200 slots -> $32.97/m
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April 23, 2024

Teamspeak Servers 

TS  Teamspeak

 Official Site:

 Download Site: Downloads

TS Teamspeak  SPECIALS!

2 New Specials, valid for all new orders.
50 Slots $9.95/m
5 Slots $1.95/m
Prices listed are USD and per month. Unlimited Bandwidth. No Tax.

Your service will be installed instantly using our automated software.
You will receive a control panel login with your server IP and Port online.
An email will be sent with your order details and login information.
Invite your friends, and talk away.
All sales and support questions email

Teamspeak Server 10 
User Teamspeak Server 15 
User Teamspeak Server 20 
View ALL Teamspeak Server Prices Here

TS Teamspeak  Teamspeak Server Control Panel Features  (Order Now)

Teamspeak Servers : Demo New! Teamspeak Server Banner Support! (View Live Demo Here)
The teamspeak customize banner feature allows you to set your in teamspeak server banner image and banner link to whatever you like, whenever you like. Changes are instant, reconnect to view your new teamspeak server banner.
Premium Teamspeak Server Codecs!
Get all the teamspeak server codecs including highest Speex 25.9 Kbit.

Set all the permissions to your liking for ServerAdmins, Operators, ChannelAdmins, Voiced, Registered and Unregistered Users of your teamspeak server.
Create an unlimited amount of users at any permission level for your teamspeak server.
Use an unlimited amount of bandwidth, no restrictions, and no caps on your teamspeak hosting.
Teamspeak Server Instantly Online
Your teamspeak server will be turned on instantly configured to your settings. There is no wait. You can provide a teamspeak server status page just like ours on your own website. Teamspeak Servers : Demo

TS Teamspeak  Teamspeak Server Locations And Features (Order Now)

Teamspeak Servers : Demo    Location
Change your teamspeak server's location at any time instantly. All settings saved. Choose from any of our locations world wide.
All are available to you at all times.
United States: Chicago and Dallas
England: London
Germany: Frankfurt

TS Teamspeak  Teamspeak Server Upgrades And Options (Order Now)

Teamspeak Servers : Demo    Payment Options
Select between Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards to make any payments.
Change Term
Switch between 1, 3, 6 and 12 month pay periods at any time and any payment option.
Upgrade your slots at any time and only pay the difference, and only pay the pro-rated remaining days to your next billing date.

TS Teamspeak  Teamspeak Server Support Help Desk (Order Now)

Teamspeak Servers : Demo    Live Help
Live Help is available directly through the control panel area. There is also live help available to pre-sales questions.
Support Tickets
Write a ticket and submit it if you do not wish to use live help. An administrator will reply to your ticket right away.
Instant Messengers
Contact us directly on MSN, ICQ, YAHOO, AIM
Send us an email to
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Chicago Teamspeak Servers Chicago, IL 
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Atlanta Teamspeak Servers Atlanta, GA 
LA Teamspeak Servers Los Angeles, CA 
NY Teamspeak Servers New York, NY 
Seattle Teamspeak Servers Seattle, WA 
UK Teamspeak Servers London, UK 
Germany Teamspeak Servers Frankfurt, Germany 
Germany Teamspeak Servers Montreal, Canada 
Teamspeak Servers : Order Order Now

 April 23, 2024

Teamspeak Servers 

TS  Teamspeak

 Official Site:

 Download Site: Downloads
Teamspeak Servers : Order Order Teamspeak Servers : Features Features Teamspeak Servers : Locations Locations Teamspeak Servers : Links Link To Us Teamspeak Servers : Contacts Contact Us Teamspeak Servers : Lost Password Lost Password

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