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Teamspeak 3

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Account Features
Instant Free 
Setup Instant Free Setup
48 Khz Codecs 48 Khz Codecs
System Permission System
Tabbed Servers Tabbed Servers
IM Style 
Chats IM Style Chats
Friends List Friends List
Plugins Community Plugins
File Transfers File Transfers
Controls Volume Controls
Text to Speech Text to Speech
User Avatars User Avatars
Control Panel Control Panel
Restrictions No Restrictions
No Overages No Overages

Codec Testing
 48 Khz Codec Connect TS3
 32 Khz Codec Connect TS3
 16 Khz Codec Connect TS3

Location Testing
Connect TS3 USA USA: Chicago
Connect TS3 USA USA: Dallas
Connect TS3 LA USA: LA
Connect TS3 UK UK: London
Connect TS3 Germany GERMANY: Frankfurt
Connect TS3 Montreal CANADA: Montreal


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